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The Florida Solar Energy Center trains and certifies RESNET HERS Raters and Blower Door Testers. These individuals can be found in the table below. Nationwide listings may be found on RESNET’s Rater Directory site.

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RESNET HERS Rater: Certified by FSEC to perform RESNET HERS Ratings according to the current RESNET Standards which includes the ANSI/RESNET/ICC - 380 and ANSI/RESNET/ICC - 301. Can employ RESNET Rating Field Inspector to collect rating data for ratings.

RESNET Rating Field Inspector: Certified by FSEC to collect RESNET Standard field data for ratings and to perform ANSI/RESNET/ICC - 380 Blower Door and Duct Tests on residences.

 Blower Door Tester: Certified by FSEC to perform RESNET Standard Blower Door Tests on residences using site performance test data.

 Commercial: Certified to Rate Florida commercial and public buildings.

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