EnergyGauge Florida Building Code Energy Conservation Approval
EnergyGauge is submitting for approval of EnergyGauge USA v6.0.02 for the Prescriptive R-Value, UA Alternative, and ERI Methods (as well as Performance method unchanged from last release) under the Sixth Edition (2017) Florida Building Code, Energy Conservation. Below are links to download a demonstration copy of the software and all documents requested providing sample cases and performance results of the software, test reports, input files, output files, procedures and performance result spreadsheets. This demonstration software is for FBC approval and is not to be used for actual permitting.

EnergyGauge USA v6 install, for demonstration only


Includes Florida Energy Conservation Code Sixth Edition (2017) Performance Method. The EnergyGauge USA v6.0.02 installer is a trial version. The trial is for approval by the Florida Building Commission for the 2017 FL Building Compliance – Energy Conservation Code, Residential. To install the demo follow these steps;

  1. Uninstall any previous version of EnergyGauge USA File Copies
    • Open your start menu and select the Control Panel
    • Chose the “Uninstall Program” or “Programs and Features” option
    • Find ‘EnergyGaugeUSA6002FileCopy’ in the list, select it, and click the “Uninstall” button
    • Wait until unintall is finished to begin install of next version
  2. Download EnergyGauge USA v6 to a PC, Windows 7 or newer Microsoft OS
  3. Double click on the executable icon in the download location
  4. Follow the install instructions that open through the InstallShield Wizard
  1. Click here to download EnergyGauge USA v6.0.02
  2. Click here to download a zip folder containing all additional submittal documentation including test results and input files
  3. Revised .ENBs for the ERI EPL card